Exertime Promotes A Healthy Workplace

What Employees Have Said About Exertime

  • Exertime has made me feel more aware/alert about getting up out of my chair while at work. Believe it or not, this has had a positive influence on my work productivity. 

  • Now I can get out of my seat much more regularly, and I do not feel guilty about being away from my desk, because I know my boss values a healthy work environment. 

  • The calorie goal is a great motivator; I aim to complete half in the morning and half in the afternoon. Since beginning the program I have noticed several benefits including an increase in my energy levels and zip, I am eating less biscuits, and the day goes quicker. Exertime is now part of my day and it would feel strange not having it on my computer.

  • In the beginning I found the exercises difficult, but after three weeks I feel much more comfortable. I love the flexibility and adaptability of the program. I now feel much better about myself, my self-esteem has improved since we began the program.

  • I find that Exertime assists with my stress levels. I am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to completing tasks. This can be a bad thing, as I will not move until the task is complete. With Exertime I have to move and now find that I am less tense than usual because I am moving around instead of just sitting for hours at a time. 

  • Exertime has been instrumental in helping me to give up smoking. Now when I am at work I take Exertime breaks, which are good for me; instead of smoke breaks that are slowly killing me.